Karpata’s Office is OPEN for Our Clients and for Vendors of Meijer, Spartan and other Retailers! And – It’s Absolutely FREE!

Karpata offers space in our new, modern office to anyone who sells (or is trying to sell) to our clients – Meijer, Spartan and other retailers! We also offer space for meetings and setting POG’s to employees of Meijer, Spartan and other retailers. A great place to work instead of your hotel room, Starbucks, McDonalds or your car – Karpata offer’s our space 100% free to our clients and to the vendors/employees of our retail clients.

The facilities include:

“The Monster Room” – a large open area decorated with classic monster movie posters from the 1950’s. This area includes movable desks, a raised bar-height work table and ergonomic chairs. The desks can be easily moved to work in groups or solo. This room will accommodate up to 18 people. [ photos ]

“The Godfather Room” – named for the fabled film series, and decorated with posters from all three films, this large meeting room is available at no charge to our clients. Able to hold at least 10 people, the room features a large 45″ monitor and whiteboards. This meeting room can also be reserved in advance. [ photos ]

“The Cafe” – a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher is available for your use. Two high-top bar tables are available with seating for 6 people. [ photos ]

“The Lounge” – a soft-seating area between the Monster Room and the Godfather Room, this area features a leather sofa and two comfortable chairs. A place to relax and enjoy the view out of the floor-to-ceiling windows.
[ photos ]

Karpata’s office also includes a reception desk, Hi Speed WiFi, multiple wired ethernet ports to access the internet without wireless, a laser printer, large windows to bring in the light and restrooms.

Remember – our clients, vendors to our retailers and our retailer’s employees can ALWAYS work from Karpata for FREE!

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